We have a few standard offerings and we are also happy to customize a plan based on your needs.


A single class is a good option that helps our participants get the taste of a meditation class. We recommend starting with the basic program and expanding to a quarterly program after that. Many clients renew the quarterly program and take advantage of it for a whole year


This is a standalone 30 minute session designed to cover Mindfulness and Meditation fundamentals

You choose the date, the time and the topic (or suggest your own). A certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher will lead an online 30 min guided session based on your team’s interests and needs.

The session includes:
10 min
Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation topic
15 min
Guided meditation
5 min


Ideal for companies who want a month-long wellness program with a focus on meditation

Equilibrea Basic Program includes four 30-minute sessions over four weeks

The weekly topics include the basics of mindfulness and meditation, as well as instructions on how to mediate, science-backed benefits of meditation at work, best practices for establishing a consistent mindfulness and meditation practice, and stress management tips and techniques

Session format:
10 min
Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation topic
15 min
Guided meditation
5 min


You have decided to improve the well-being of your employees and your company by incorporating regular meditation sessions. You are ready to commit to a weekly session for one or all your teams.

Included with Equilibrea Quarterly Program:

Weekly meditation sessions (30 min each) delivered throughout the quarter

Two strategy sessions (60 minutes each) with HR team and executive champions of meditation, focused on how to support mindfulness in the workplace

Counselling on mindfulness space, décor and setup

Recording of the meditation sessions and lifetime access to
the recorded sessions

Counselling on mindfulness software application usage

Ongoing email and phone
support (up to 3hr a month)

Mindfulness survey to assess the results of the program




Whether it is for your workplace wellness program, your employee benefits program, lunch and learn session, team building activity, end of the quarter / year celebration or other work related event, these sessions are designed to be a fun, interactive, inspirational and educational mindfulness-based experience, allowing your team to destress, recover and rejuvenate.

Please check Mindfulness Keynotes and Workshops to see a list of topics. We can also customize a topic based on your company needs and culture.


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