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EQUILIBREA's team is devoted to creating the ultimate Corporate Wellness Program by using a variety of Mindfulness and Meditation tools. Our goal? Happier, healthier, higher-functioning and balanced human beings. Mental clarity. Reduced stress. Improved decision making. Better teamwork. Increased engagement. Improved working relationships. Mindful leadership.

The Cost of Stress
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Stress costs US industry $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, loss of talented workers, and rising healthcare costs. 70% to 90% of employee hospital visits are linked to stress. (Source: National institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Companies like Apple, Google, Procter & Gamble, HBO, McKinsey & Co have been investing in corporate Mindfulness and Meditation programs for years in order to decrease stress and improve employee mental health .


In the end of the day, employees are the most valuable company asset. Fostering a healthy and mindful company culture helps the employees be healthier, happier, more focused, and it increases their mental clarity, productivity and ability to handle stress. Happy employees means a more profitable business. Forbes recently reported that the “Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ stock prices rose an average of 14% per year over a 7 year period, compared to 6% for the overall market.”

While there is no way to totally eliminate stress from the workplace, many employers are doing everything they can to improve their employee wellbeing. A growing number of employers are introducing meditation at their office in an attempt to facilitate stress management and increase their employee health, happiness and productivity. Having different wellness solutions and well-being programs create organizational culture of health and support. Having employee wellness programs is also a very important and effective approach if a business is to create and support healthy habits and healthy living.

The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation


According to the Wellness Council of America, companies which have a corporate wellness program in place:

Reduce their healthcare cost by


Reduce sick-leave absenteeism by


Reduce worker's compensation and disability management claims costs by


Gain an average of $5.81  for every dollar invested in health management programs.


Employees are also benefiting greatly from participating in corporate wellness programs:


Of participants say they work harder and perform better


Say they have more energy and are more productive


Say that health-related programs encourage them to stay in their current position


Say they miss fewer days of work as a result of wellness programs

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation




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Reduced stress levels

Increased alertness and concentration

Greater productivity and better performance

Improved resilience – better able to handle stressful situations when they arise

Greater employee engagement with their team members and their work

Enhanced energy

Reduced absenteeism

Better sleep

Improved work life balance

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Greater presence and focus in meetings and conversations with coworkers and clients

Increased compassion towards coworkers and people in general

Greater feelings of happiness and contentment at work and at home

Greater confidence when making decisions

Greater confidence when presenting and doing public speaking

Deeper sense of creativity and clarity

Better connection with self and others

Better time management  and self-management

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