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The founder and CEO of Equilibrea

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While building a successful corporate career in London and New York, I witnessed many people around me struggle with burnout, stress, and anxiety, all affecting their personal life and professional performance

The companies I worked for offered great office perks such as snacks, free lunches, happy hours, even unlimited paid time off, but none of the perks was addressing employee mental health in a way that made the employees happier, healthier and more balanced.

Seeking balance myself and on the edge of a burnout, I decided to try meditation and went to a Zen Monastery, where monks trained me how to meditate.

My life was never the same, I clearly saw and felt the benefits of meditation, and I embraced it as part of my daily routine.


After years of practice, being extensively trained and officially certified as a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, I felt compelled to share this powerful tool with others.


Creating Equilibrea, our mission is to help companies create an organizational culture where employees are happier, healthier, higher-functioning and balanced. We help corporations reduce stress at the workplace, increase employee engagement and improve teamwork, resulting in increased productivity, improved performance and decreased healthcare related costs.


We work with corporations and we are also partnering with and offering Mindfulness and Meditation classes and workshops at a variety of wellness businesses, such as fitness and yoga studios. 

Equilibrea's team consist of certified and
highly experienced Mindfulness and
Meditation teachers whose main goal is
to create the ultimate Mindfulness and
Meditation experience for our partners.

As for me, I am a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher at MNDLF New York and I have also completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program at Weill Cornell Medicine. I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Holistic Life Coach and Hypnotist.

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