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We use Mindfulness and Meditation to help you regain your balance and live a full life.


Let us help you build the foundation of your meditation practice.



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Tony Vargas

Global Head of Workplace

Sprinklr is committed to wellness in all aspects of our employees' lives, and we are constantly looking for ways to offer opportunities for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Vesela designed a wonderfully tailored comprehensive program to use the fundamentals of meditation for the specific needs of our Sprinklrites. In 10 sessions, she was able to influence the way people think and refocus their day. Vesela was very involved in setting up the program, from the physical space, to internal promotion, and technical aspects to make sure the sessions were accessible to as many people as possible.

Vesela would be a joy to have in any company. She understands corporate structures and can come up with creative ideas to make meditation and wellness programs work within the bounds of them. Her commitment to the human touch, compassion, and wellbeing is something that she lives out in her day to day life, and it intrinsically seeps into the guidance she provides.

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Dan Ilani



I strongly recommend working with Vesela if you are looking to add a vibrant energy to your event or gathering. As the founder of a new brand, partnering with the best boutique fitness and wellness providers, the impression we make for our guests, members and partners is vital. 


Vesela brought a high degree of professionalism, reaching out in advance, scheduling time to learn about our brand, motivations and needs and custom tailored her class to fulfill our exact hopes and expectations and on a very tight timeline. She did all this with an infectious smile that made all our guests feel welcome, considered and left learning something new.


We look forward to working with Vesela in the future!

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